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Hello BOD and All,
    got my letter in the mail asking for money for ECHO, pretty weak tea....

    Nothing really set it apart from many other similar letters.

    I am a AMSAT member, I read the journal,   but very little info has been 
put out as far as I know  on the fund raising status.

   I remember when the battle cry was donate money! and you can pick ECHO or 
EAGLE for where it goes ... never heard a peep out of that... I even asked 
once before here on the BB on the stats... nothing....

  I have watched ideas come to the BB, be debated, rise, crash, and then just 
fade away... does the BOD have a campaign or something different up their 
sleeve planned? better hurry...

  ECHO supposedly launches in March... not a lot of time left to raise 

  So it boils down to this....

  Could someone on the BOD take all of 5 mins and send a email.... and answer 
a few questions... 

   How much has been raised for ECHO since the project started? and how short 
are we? we know the launch is 110K but what was the final cost on building 
the sat through spacequest? have the donation letters been working to pay 
those costs?

   How much has been raised so far for EAGLE? 

   If we are short of funds for the ECHO launch what will happen? postpone 
launch?  other options?

  Now days lots of different groups are asking for funds, one really needs to 
know where there money is going before they dive in....

Kevin WA6FWF

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