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3dtrack (Was 3D Models of Amateur Spacecraft)

Hi All,

A couple of weeks ago, you may remember I asked on this list, if anyone
had any 3D models of AO-40, Echo, AO-10, Eagle, and P3E.

Well after sorting out a few issues with my chosen 3D engine on my
development machine, I finally made a start on my own model of AO-40.

Checkout http://www.xciv.org/~iain/iii-predictclients/3dtrack

(OK, it's not a predict client right now, and it will probably be a
telemetry client, more than a predict client, but its closely related
to the other predict clients)

Currently the model is extremly rough. It is simply the 6 sides of the
hexagonal shape, with a top and bottom side, and also a cone, to
represent the 400N motor so identifcation of the +Z side of the
spacecraft was easier (Ditto with the colouring of the top/bottom).

The code is written in TCL/TK (http://www.tcl.tk), using VTK 
(http://www.vtk.org) to implement the graphics. VTK provides bindings
for TCL, Python, C++, and I think Java, so the code could be easily
re-implemented in any of those languages, by anyone with the required

Further details are on the website, on the state of the AO-40 model,
and the orbital code. See the 'TODO' list for details on where work
is needed.

I actually have some code written that connects to the GSFC Telemetry
server, grabs the ALAT/ALON from the A Block, and applies ALAT to the
spacecraft model, but it needs a little work.

ALON is harder, as the point of reference is apogee (IIRC), and not the
centre of the earth. And don't even mention modeling MA, as thats gonna
be a right royal something somewhere...

(The "Orbit View" [which may get renamed MA View] is complicated by the
fact that there are 9 items for the spacecraft, and not 1. The orbit, 
and the Earth are then modelled around those 9 items, and the camera
positioned to display the correct view.)

Oh and the S/C view is complicated by the fact that to do the rotation,
I actually rotate the camera, again because the S/C is 9 seperate items,
rather than 1, so you have to translate everything to the reverse angle...
Fun Eh... :)

Best Regards


Oh PS for anyone using missiontrack, and finding that it can't handle
spaces in the spacecraft name, I've fixed that particular bug , and 
hope to upload a new version (and web page) in the next day or three.
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