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Optimum Spacing for Beams on a hybrid cross-boom

I am putting up two beams, a 144mhz 17 ele and a 440mhz 25 element on the
same horizontal cross-boom.  To reduce coupling to the cross-boom, I am
considering a hybrid of aluminum, 1/8 wall tubing with 1.5 to 2 feet of PVC
at the ends.  Suggestions on seperation distance and how much (how long) PVC
I should use?

|					|
|					|2m beam
| PVC	      Alum   	PVC	|
| 1.5'	 |3'		1.5'	|
|		 |			|
|440beam	 |			|
		 | Mast/Rotor

Michael  K3MH

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