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Re: Help interfacing Unitrac to FT-847

At 02:39 PM 11/23/2003 -0500, Don Woodward wrote:
>Ed, the pin-outs for the parallel port Uni_Trac hardware as well as the
>Uni_Trac serial port hardware are in the "Uni_Trac 2003 help and Getting
>Started Guide" on E.T. Electronics site specifically at
>Jamie, if you are referring to the ECP wires (three bare wires) there is a
>link on my "Uni_Trac" page listed on my website, to a diagram of an LED demo
>interface I built.
>I have both serial and parallel Uni_Trac hardware interfaced to an FT-847
>radio and G5500 rotator.
>Don Woodward
>AMSAT 33535

Thanks to Don, Mike, Chuck, Jim and Thomas for the info.  I had skipped the
manual for the Unitrac-2003 not expecting any help for the 2000 unit.  Mike
is sending me info (thanks again).  I need a gender changer for my printer
cable (borrow from work) then give the B5400 a go with Unitrack.  Be
learning all the setup settings as I go.  Short week so will not get back
to this until after Thanksgiving which I am spending with my wife in ole Miss!

73s guys!
Ed - AL7EB

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