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Re: NO-45, UI digipeat


ei7m writes:
> I confirmed 3 pulses every 20 seconds from NO-45.
>  And I can digipeat via KE6QMD as follows.
>  > JE9PEL>CQ,KE6QMD* [23-Nov-03  12:52:39] <UI R>:
>  > JE9PEL>CQ,KE6QMD* [23-Nov-03  12:53:27] <UI R>:

I also confirm the 3 pulses every 20 seconds, but today the digipeating is 
not working????  It worked FB yesterday.  Anyone else see any traffic?

These pulses are agravating because they trigger the DCD Sense when there is 
no real traffic from the bird, causing my B A command to force a beacon every 
20 seconds also :-))
Jerry, K5OE
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