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Re: AO-40

At 12:45 PM 11/23/2003 -0600, Ryan Butler wrote:
>Most people use a downconverter to conver the 2401 mhz signals down to
>either 123 mhz or 145 mhz which is well within the reach of your 2m SSB
>radios.  The reason for this is two fold, not many radios come with 2400
>mhz receive, and the losses going from the feed to the radio before
>detecting the signal make it next to impossible.

This raises an interesting question I'm sure I know the correct answer 
to.  If you have a 13cm preamp like the DEMI which gives you 20db of gain, 
it would seem on the surface that it is OK to use a 2400MHz receiver with 
even a 200 foot coax run of LMR-400?  Maybe I'm missing something though.

What I'm really wondering about is if you could do this for 1.7GHz for GOES 
reception - I seem to remember reading about someone using a wideband CATV 
amplifier to bring the signal in from their dish to an Icom R-8500 or 
something like that.

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