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RE: AO-40

Hi George

> I was thinking of buying a wide receive receiver to get 2400MHZ.

FWIW I've tried a number of multimode wide band receivers for AO-40
including the AOR AR-5000, AR-8200Mk3, AR-8600Mk2 and the Yaesu VR-5000. The
AR-5000 is the only one with a good enough front end to work sufficiently
well without a preamp, when situated very close to the antenna.
Realistically you need a preamp mounted at the antenna feedpoint.

Even with a preamp, there is a further problem with all of these receivers,
expecially the AR-8200 and VR-5000 in that the IF bandwidth on SSB is wider
than that in use in amateur bands.

In conclusion, wideband receivers work, but IMHO not as well as a
downconverter with a narrow band amateur transceiver.

73 Howard G6LVB

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