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Re: AO-40

On Sun, 2003-11-23 at 10:56, George Yazzolino wrote:
> Hi there.
> I am new to the list and satellite work and would like to try FM birds first
> then AO-40. I was thinking of buying a wide receive receiver to get 2400MHZ.
> I have 2M and 440M SSB radio already. does any one else use a Yeasu or Icom
> type receiver to work the Sat's

Most people use a downconverter to conver the 2401 mhz signals down to
either 123 mhz or 145 mhz which is well within the reach of your 2m SSB
radios.  The reason for this is two fold, not many radios come with 2400
mhz receive, and the losses going from the feed to the radio before
detecting the signal make it next to impossible.  

A downconverter is placed right at the feed point either directly
coupled, or through an extremely short piece of high quality coax.  The
output of this downconverter is in the range your ssb radio can pick up,
and there is a surplus of gain on the IF side, allowing for you to use
inexpensive coax.

> also is UO-14 and SO-50 the only easy birds up there right now that work FM
> ?

uo-14 has reached the end of its usefullness and is no longer
operational, the only FM sats still in operation are SO-50 (most of the
time) and SO-41 (sporadic)  SO-42 is also in orbit, but not open for
amateur operations. AO-27 is in telemetry only mode due to some software
issues (as last reported).

You might also give FO-29 a shot, its a low earth orbit Linear (SSB/CW)
bird that is fairly easy to hear and work if you already have a
multimode radio set.

> thanks
> P. George Yazzolino
> 14801 NE 20 Circle
> Vancouver, Wa. 98684
> KC7HKP, Grid  CN-85
> (360) 885-0981

Ryan Butler, KB0JQO

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