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Re[2]: AO-40 Downconverter Freq. Conversion

Hallo Emily,

Sunday, November 23, 2003, 8:16:33 AM, you wrote:

> The beacon will probably be off soon for a few weeks, so don't panic - you
> have plenty of time to settle in.

the beacon will not been switched off, passband only, see info under
AO-40 Update on our AMSAT-DL webpage:

"W4SM AO-40 Update 18 Nov. 2003
We have almost reached ALON=45 deg. and we are beginning to raise ALAT
to just above 20 degs. This will take approximately a week to 10 days.
When we are confident that ALAT exceeds 20 degs, we will shut off the
passbands (beacon on only) and begin drifting toward ALON ~315 degs.
The drift process (passbands off) will take approximately 4 weeks.
We can be a little more specific after we know the final spin rate"


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