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Thanks for Suggestions for Dish & Helix

Recently I posted questions about using a 6-turn Helix to illuminate a
20-inch TVRO dish for AO-40 S2 receive.  Thanks to all those who answered,
especially G0MRF, K0KN, NX7U, and K6CCC.  I took your suggestions, closer
first turn spacing, no PVC cover, no inside supports, etc.

Tonight I tried it for the first time.  Seems to be 3 dB better than my old
antenna, a 17 turn rhcp helix (no dish).  More experiments to come...

Tonight on AO-40 I worked KL7QR, WC7V, ON5NY, DL8YS, I1LJV, VA7MM, DK2ZF,
W4CMB, K7ASU, and DK2UT with the new antenna.

Thanks everyone!

Tom Smith KB6A
DM13au, Anaheim, California, USA

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