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AMSAT beacon+20 net on ao-40


I can't hear myself or anyone else on ao-40.  I can hear the beacon, but 
not too loudly.  Sorry that I won't be able to conduct a net on ao-40 tonight.

What a shame.  I'll have an early night in bed instead of speaking with 
friends on ao-40.

73 de Dieter, kx4y


I will call the next session of the AMSAT net at 0400z 23 November 2003( 
Saturday evening 22:00 central time).
Beacon+20, up 5 and 5 if that one is busy...

I am not sure how good the conditions are at that time, and I hope that the 
West Coast does not have to wait too long to get into the foot print.  But, 
we'll give it our best effort.  I was not able to find more suitable 
conditions during times when I can participate in the net.

All radio amateurs anywhere are welcome to participate...The format will be 
round table.  N/C will maintain a fixed xmit frequency, please note your 
position in the round table.  A nice round table conversation is the 
primary function of the net.....

I am looking forward to meet many ao-40 operators during the next net.

            73, Dieter kx4y@amsat.org

Dieter  K.  Schliemann        e-mail: kx4y@amsat.org
Phone:	       packet radio: KX4Y@GB7YKS.#19.GBR.EU
Mobile: 1.256.599.0581
FAX:    1.707.598.1957

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