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Re: Experiment and Instant Track

>Another question.  What is the latest version of InstantTrack?  1.50 
>or 1.55? And how does it fair for squint angles?

1.50 is the latest officially released version, while 1.55 is the 
latest available open beta test version. When you buy from AMSAT you 
still get 1.50. I suggest you buy 1.50, then download the 1.55 
upgrade and use that, because there have been no new bugs reported in 
1.55 so far.

The squint angle answer is different for the two versions. Version 
1.50 requires a manual conversion of the attitude coordinates. 
Version 1.55 has a way for you to tell it which kind of attitude 
coordinates are used for a given satellite, so you never have to 
convert the coordinates. A longer explanation is given in the 
InstantTrack FAQ at http://www.amsat.org/amsat/intro/itfaq.html#073

73  -Paul
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