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Experiment and Instant Track

Hi all!

Just a quick note to those you remembered me and my attempt to recieve AO-40 with a new set up.  It worked!  I could copy the the middle beacon, though it could've been louder, but it was there!  Also come to the conclusion that I will need a preamp between the antenna and D/C for better reception.  BTW, that begs a question to be answered.  If I'm feeding the D/C via the coax, the IF output, will the power proceed past the input, antenna side, of the D/C?  If it does, would it hurt the preamp.  I understand that the preamp needs power and that would be feed to it by itself, but my main concern is power going past the D/C.

Another question.  What is the latest version of InstantTrack?  1.50 or 1.55? And how does it fair for squint angles?

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