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Re: Desense with duplexers, was Coax Question


This is an interesting question about what coax to use and using a duplexor
instead of two seperate feeds.

I am currently using one coax with a dual band beam with a duplexer on my
radio side.  When I tried working FO_29 on 2up and 440 down, I got what
sounded like desense or splatter on 440 when I transmitted on 2.  I then
switched to a seperate antenna, a verticle, for transmit and the beam for
receive and the problem went away.  I presumed it was a drawback to using
one coax and a duplexor.  I am now hooked on satellite and building a stack
of seperate beams; I decided I needed to use two LMR400 coax runs, one to
each beam.


Michael  K3MH

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