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N connectors & coax

Hello, I have been using the "new" style for 3 years now. The center pin is 
not soldered in the case. It is just pushed through the plastic insulator. They 
are easier to assemble than the old. I do not see any problems with them, but 
I also did not take any measurements either. Looking at the connector its 
easy to see they should be the same as any of the old style. I have been getting 
them from Jim at Radio Works. I also see there are questions of coax on the 
BB. I am also using coax from JIM. 9096 Type2A. It is a 19 strand center 
conductor with air insulator. Looking at the said specs, it has less loss than the 
lmr-400 or similar coax, and at 270 bucks for 500 ft rolls, I think it is much 
better deal. But, everyone uses what they think is best. I would also like to 
make note as of this morning my old call KC2HLI has been dismissed and my new 
call of NA2P is now active. I like the old call, but when conditions are bad it 
just was a little hard on the copy, I think the new one will be much easier 
for the DX.

                       73 Pete NA2P
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