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Fly to the moon question


I'm now in San Salvador on my world-travel.
During my travel I'm thinking out some ideas hihi.

I have been trying to find out what is needed to get
something in a moon orbit. Its already very long time
ago I did these physic calculations, and I'm sure many
amateurs are better in it than me hihi.

On internet I find that the escape velocity of the
earth is abt 11km/s , and that of the moon some 2km/s.
(I have not the exact numbers here with me now, so it
can not be 100% correct)

My question:
When I see it right, an object first has to gain speed
to exit the earth gravity, and later when aproaching
the moon it has to be slowed down again with more than

This means you need double engine power, first to exit
the earth, and later to enter the moon orbit ???

Kind regards,
73, de PE1RAH
William in San Salvador

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