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Re: AO-7 mode B


According to the AO-7 Resource Log that I have been running for a while, it 
appears to be stuck in Mode B for about the last 4 weeks and not in Mode A 
at all.  I posted a notice about this about 2 weeks ago on the 
AMSAT-BB.  While it's possible that it may be in Mode A when we aren't 
hearing it, it appears to be a statistical anomaly.

Prior to about 4 weeks ago the satellite was roughly 51%-49% Mode A.  Now 
it's swung to about 32/64 Mode B.  This is not completely scientific 
because there are probably people who are Mode B enabled (people with Icom 
910H for example) but it still seems to be a significant swing.



At 12:40 PM 11/19/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>While listening to the Houston Amsat net last night there was some 
>discussion that AO-7 has not been in mode B for a while.  I seem to recall 
>a recent similar discussion on the list.  I did a quick search through the 
>database that drives the oscar.dcarr.org status page and found the 
>following reports:
>[B]_AO-7    2003-11-12    1000UTC    CT2ECS   Heard
>[B]_AO-7    2003-11-10    600UTC    SP6VGJ/3   Heard
>[B]_AO-7   2003-11-10    2100UTC   K1uxb         Telemetry Only
>[B]_AO-7   2003-11-09    1300UTC   N0ZHE       Heard
>[B]_AO-7   2003-11-08    1400UTC   N0ZHE       Heard
>[B]_AO-7   2003-11-08    1600UTC   W4UPD      Heard
>[B]_AO-7   2003-11-07    1300UTC   N0ZHE       Heard
>I don't know if this adds anything to the discussion but I thought that 
>perhaps I could provide some additional data.  Maybe adding a search the 
>database feature might be useful...
>David Carr

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