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Re: AO40 RCV and Icom CIV

Hi Keith and all,

In my shack,  the AO40Rcv works and controls IC-910 freq thru
simple mic up/down curcuit and connections. My curcuit is almost
same as of that in help file of AO40Rcv.

The only point to modify is the ICOM rig use a COMMON pin to
up/down freq thru mic connector.

Connect the up line(from DSR and level converter) directly
to pin 3 of mic connecter. 
And connect the down line(from DTR) with series 470ohm register
also to pin 3. Dont forget GND connection.

73, Kazu Sakamoto  JJ1WTK
    jj1wtk@jamsat.or.jp              http://www.jj1wtk.jp/

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