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Re: AO40 RCV and Icom CIV


My AO-40 downlink IF receiver is an ICOM R-7000 scanner, which has no mike 
to do the up/diown thing with.  I've thought of making a separate box to do 
the read/increment/write thing via the CI Bus, but the right answer really 
is to do it in the AO40RCV program itself.


Greg  KO6TH.

>Hi Keith,
>    well from viewing ALL the websites  and reading up on the commands I'm 
>you noticed that there is no command that increments the frequency up or 
>by "x" amount,so out of luck there, if you could get the ao40rcv author to
>modify the code you could issue the command to read the current frequency,
>add or subtract the needed shift, then write back the frequency you want to
>go to so as to correct for Doppler.

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