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Re: AO40 RCV and Icom CIV

On Wednesday 19 November 2003 08:36, Keith McDonnell wrote:
> Hello to all,
> Is there anyone out there using the AO40RCV software with and Icom rig?
> I am looking for the actual serial commands to type into the rig control
> screen to control the UP/DOWN freq. changes.
> I have been to ALL the websites regarding the protocol, read up on the CIV
> functions, and still can't make it work.
> I am just looking for the actual command lines, please don't direct me to
> any sites, I've seen them all.
> Thank you to all, and happy, healthy holidays!
> 73, Keith  KG2IX

Hi Keith,
   well from viewing ALL the websites  and reading up on the commands I'm sure 
you noticed that there is no command that increments the frequency up or down 
by "x" amount,so out of luck there, if you could get the ao40rcv author to 
modify the code you could issue the command to read the current frequency, 
add or subtract the needed shift, then write back the frequency you want to 
go to so as to correct for Doppler.

      Other than that you could do what I did for my icom-910,  follow the 
directions that came with ao40rcv and build the little serial interface that 
will tap the mic up/dwn lines on the accessory jack on the back of the 910... 
assuming your trying to do this for a 910...

the interface is small, easy and works really good...

Have Fun
Kevin WA6FWF 
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