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Holy Smoke!

This may be a little off topic but:

Been trying to get a friend of mine Rod w7vos, turned on to
satellite ops. So,,,, I called him on a local simplex 2m freq
and set up a sked so that he could at least listen to my up-
link half of any conversation that I might happen on to on
pass #35826 of FO-29 this afternoon.

I picked up the beacon and advised Rod that as soon as the
beacon got a little stronger I would net myself on the bird
and call CQ. All went well and as soon as I verified that
I was netted, I heard Emily w0eec, and proceeded to have a

After all was said and done (reads FO-29 dropped into the
trees), I called Rod on simplex and asked if he copied my
upliink and noticed my uplink corrections (running true
doppler correction). He almost floored me when he not only
told me that he did but that he copied Emily as well; on
LSB; and had to tune slightly between Emily and myself to
clarify each transmission.

I'm at DN28si, Rod is about 15 miles from me as the crow
flies and Emily is in San Mateo!.

Seems like Rod and Emily 'kud QSL, maybe only as SWL, on
this event.

Hope someone is taking advantage of this opening. ;^)


joe ennis - w7net - UNIX bigot
whitefish, montana
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