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free dishes available in Houston

Hi all,

I got this from another list.  Maybe it will be use to someone.  Please 
note the proper reply address below.

--Mike, WQ5C

>Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 20:25:22 -0600
>From: Bill Stietenroth <<mailto:k5zty@juno.com>k5zty@...>
>Subject: [NARS] Ku Band Dishes and Feed horns Gotta Go
>Well gang, you can postpone the inevitable but not eliminate it.
>The 25 or so fiberglass Ku band Prodelin dishes (1m wide x 0.5m tall
>solid) and mounts must go soon -- one way or another!
>My XYL finally got her horse and the dishes are in the barn where the
>horse stall needs to be.  At the same time, we are remodeling and have a
>huge dumpster in the front yard. I will not have access to it for long.
>I have tried several times to sell and even give the dishes away with no
>So, come and get them!  Soon!
>By copy of this e-mail I am notifying HATS membership and others that I
>must put them in the dumpster unless someone steps forward for them.
>Please don't let this fine equipment go to waste, come and get it.
>They go in the dumpster at **7pm November 20th** if they have not been
>moved by then.
>Send me an e-mail at <mailto:AG5RS@arrl.net>AG5RS@arrl.net if you need to 
>schedule a time to
>pick them up.  We are 7 miles west of the Katy Mills Mall in west
>Ron, AG5RS

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