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Re: byte count problem of P3T

>Hello Kazu,
>    I see the same thing here, for whatever reason P3T does not like the same
>blocks back to back..   ao40tlmview doesn't seem to care it just counts them
>    I will stream once in awhile to GFSC and I always check to see if others
>are streaming first... but unfortunately not everyone else does... I have had
>others start streaming right on top...
>I'm not sure of a long term fix....

This topic has been discussed here before by Gunther Meisse and me.  I 
agree with all of the comments.  P3T does not like back to back blocks in 
rapid succession.  It will often accept both, but if the second block sync 
vector arrives too soon, it will reset the byte counter.  Ideally, the 
Goddard server should sift the input and only send one copy of each block 
with preference for a CRCC OK copy.   Alternately, a delay of about a 
second between blocks output by the server would probably solve the problem 
as well.  Checking the server before blindly sending data is a very good 
idea.... just check back once in a while to make sure that the other 
station is still sending.   I've done some experimenting with the P3T code, 
but so far, I've not found an easy solution on my end that meets my other 
needs in the software.  However, I'll look into this some more.  If the 
Goddard folks could implement filtering on their end it would be most 

This is a good opportunity to sincerely thank everyone who does uplink to 
the Goddard server.  This is MUCH appreciated by the AO-40 command 
team.  Thank you!

  Stacey E. Mills, W4SM    WWW:    http://www.keplerian.com
   Charlottesville, VA     PGP key: http://www.keplerian.com/key

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