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Re: (Slightly) Off Topic: TS2000 TNC & APRS

On Mon, 17 Nov 2003, Iain Young - G7III wrote:

> Slightly Off Topic, but  Just realised that the TS2000 has a built in
> TNC. Yet some sources are saying that it cant be used for APRS (and
> thus the APRS birds)

Heres the info:
1) Its internal TNC is just like on the APRS radios, the D700 and D7.
2) On the D7 and D700, the internal TNC can be used in two modes:
   External and Internal.  in INTERNAL, all APRS data is displayed on
   the front panel and the radio has over 250 pages of APRS info on
   up to 40 stations, 16 messages and 10 DX cluster spots as well as
   APRS Tiny Web Pages showing you the information flowing to you on
   the national APRS frequency such as satelites in view, IRLP or ECHO
   nodes nearby, traffic accidents and speeds and weather stuff...

3) But unlike those radios, the 2000 does not have the TNC connected to
the displays and it can only operate in external more.  In that mode, the
D7, D700 and 2000 all act the same.  The TNC has no connection to the
front panel displays and so you connect it via the serial port to a PC.
In this case, the PC has all the displays.

If you run APRS software on the PC, then all 3 radios operate APRS just
fine in this mode.  What you see is a function of your PC and APRS
software and independent of the radio and TNC>

The TNC can operate in 1200 and 9600 baud.  It is perfect for satellite
work (UI digipeating).  In fact, informal testing shows the 2000 to be
even better than the D7 at 9600 baud.  You should see our PCSAT2 official
Ground Station at the Labs for the official Space Station testing.

We use 3 laptops with 2 D7's and one 2000 as the ground station.  We can
completely control the spacecraft with that arrangement.  With the 2000 we
notice that of the hundreds and hundreds of 9600 baud packets we receive,
we get slightly fewer errors on the 2000 than on the HT...

Still its nice to see the 9600 baud data come down so fast...

Oh, and even while the TNC is being used externally, the same PC and same
serial port has total control over the radio settings too.  But not many
APRS programs or Satellite programs have taken advantage of this...


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