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byte count problem of P3T

Hi all,

I often have a problem of byte count on P3T when I watch the AO-40 TLM
from Goddard server in case of more than one feeders are online.
I understand that the Goddard server simply just echo back the blocks
sent from feeders. Thus, when two feeders are online, the P3T clients
receive two same blocks once thru Goddard. However, P3T seems that
it doesn't deal with them. The byte count shows strange 320, sometimes
413 etc... This problem appears in regardless of Windos98/XP or PC is
On the other hand, I run 'ao40tlmview' on Linux to monitor the AO-40 TLM
from Goddard server in my shack parallel with P3T, it always works perfect.
It can make sure the two same blocks respectively even sent once.
I guess, it might caused by TCP/IP routines included in Windows system, not
one of P3T side.

Is there anybody who have same problem or any suggestions ?

73, Kazu Sakamoto  JJ1WTK
    jj1wtk@jamsat.or.jp  http://www.jj1wtk.jp/ 
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