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RE: AO-27

And can I get some of it?

73 de N8AU, Jim in Raymore, MO

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 A few weeks ago I talked in person, to Chuck N1UC, one of the AO27 control
ops. He was very optimastic that the batteries will be in good enough shape
to turn amateur activities back on AO27. This could happen soon. He would
offer no hard numbers. Bruce what have you been smoking???

73 Jeff kb2m

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> Uhhhh....no Bruce.
> AO-21 was attached to a larger russian satellite. AO-27 is a different
> AO-27 had some battery problems, and it's orbit drifted into full sun
> this year. The controllers have offered no updates on their website (
> www.ao27.org ) since April 5, and no one has heard it in quite a while.
> 73, Drew KO4MA
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