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Sapphire UI Packet Operational

I tried out NO-45 this weekend and found it working well, but it does have some interesting behavior compared to ISS and NO-44.  The downlink behaves much like UO-14 and UO-22, with polarity switching between LHCP and RHCP several times during the pass.  Unlike those other birds, though, you do not have a solid downlink signal to monitor so you may miss several packets before you realize you need to switch polarity (those with linear polarity antennas may ignore the preceding).  

Also, the 70 cm downlink frequency seems to follow pretty much the same 20 kHz Doppler drift in the pass as the other two birds, but I found my TNC needed to be within 2 or 3 kHz to succesfully decode the packets.  On 2 meters down you never even think about it.

I do find this easier to work than the other two 1200 b packet satellites since the mode V/U allows my rig to run in full duplex satellite mode and not in half-duplex split mode for V/V.

I am not sure exactly what the status of the satellite is right now, but I understand the BB is shut off so I did not attempt anything other than UI digipeating.  Other stations heard (seen) include:  N4ZQ, N8ULD, and KB2MVN.  
Jerry, K5OE
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