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re: AO-27

    AO-27 was a military satellite. When the Russian military turned off their
    military side of the satellite, AO-27 went silent at the same time. It has
    been dead for some 2-3 years.

No, AO-21 was piggy-back on a Russian satellite, and since it used power
from the mother bird, when the military side was turned off, AO-21 went
off the air at the same time.

AO-27 is also piggy-back on a US commercial satellite, EYESAT.  It has 
always been maintained on a spare-time basis and that has occasionally
delayed it recovery from previous incidents in the past.  When we last
heard, it was in 24 hours sunlight, which its operational software was
not designed to handle.  So either the workaround was not successful or
required frequent updates, which could not be maintained on a spare-time
basis.  This is total speculation on my part, and maybe someone else knows
the real store.  Lots of other things could have gone wrong.

If it drifted into full sunlight, then eventually maybe it will drift out
of it.  But hopefully by that time, we'll have lots of other options!

				-- KD6PAG
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