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Re: AO-40 mobile

Hello Pedro, You had unbelievable signals into the bird this morning. About 4 
am local time here. My noise floor is attenuated to 1/2 s-unit, you were an 
honest 5-7 here. Good going!!!! Your set-up is working great as I had already 
stated in our QSO. My conditions on this side of the pond for FYI are TS-2000x, 
2 meter dish at 30 ft for horizon to horizon SAT views with tri-band patch 
feeds. I know you want to QSL, so we can go Direct if you want or Buro, let me 
know I can mail the card to you Monday morning.

Who wants to be in bed dreaming of contacts like that when you can be up 
working them !!!!!

                    All the best, 73 Pete KC2HLI
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