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Re: American Ops on AO-40??]

Hi All

Nice to see a large number of American stations reported on the AO-40 logger
page this morning!! I wonder if this had anything to do with the fact that
TY/LZ3XV was expected up though!!  :)

I was up at 02h30Z (04h30 local time) but at that stage squint was 36
degrees here, and although I could hear the beacon I could not hear myself!!
In addition, we had gale force winds here yesterday, and I suspect that my
dish and 70cm yagi are no longer aligned!! Cosidering that wind is gusting
around 20-30km/hr again today, I will only really know when I operate

Ironically at this stage it looks like I am the only ZS station active.
ZS6JON and ZS6BTD are still around, but only come up on odd occasions.
ZS6GBJ, ZS6BTE, ZS5LEE and ZS6Y haven't been heard for some months. ZS2ACP
is too tied up with saltmine activities at the moment and ZS6JT is
apparently not well at the moment. Peter is 82, and generally only operates
daytime passes, which are few and far between here nowadays! ZS6MG is
around, but Vlado only really operates from exotic locations. His home QTH
is not really suited to satellite ops!

I will be QRV tomorrow morning up until MA230 for any East Coast ops who may
be interested. Also up for Asia and Europe from around 22h30 utc (00h30
local time). Hope there will be a few stations around!

BTW, I am looking into setting up a system to work Western side of US
(without having to chop down the offending tree) but getting hold of the
necessary bits & pieces is a problem - everything is available off-the-shelf
in the States, but not here!!!!

73 de Barry ZR2DX
KF26TA - Port Elizabeth,South Africa
QRV 50 - 1296 MHz SSB/FM/Digital
AO-40  FO-29  UO-14
Secretary, Port Elizabeth Amateur Radio Society

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