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Re: Doppler correction?

At 08:42 AM 11/14/2003 -0500, Don Woodward wrote:

>I run a CAT rate of 57,600 between my Unitrac 2003 serial hardware and
>FT-847 with no problems.

Hi Don,

The issue isn't the serial port rate, it is how fast
you can cram messages into the FT-847 without
it choking. In other words send it back to back
"set VFO" messages and see if it can take it.
I haven't tested this but if I get
a chance I'll try it. I have my doubts about
it being able to handle 56K for very long.

As an aside, I did test an old TS-450 running at full
speed on it's CAT port (only 4.8K bps) and it handled
every command with no problem.

Tony AA2TX

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