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AO-16 also Digipeats

AO-16 also digipeates!

When I mentioned that we are trying to re-commission SAPPHIRE as a UI
digiepater so that we have at least one working digi in space, Paul
pointed out that the venerable AO-16 still digipeats as well, though it
takes PSK and and SSB receciver on the downlink and MANCHESTER FM on the
uplink.  This used to be an impediment...

BUT!  These days, however, there is sound card software that can easily
decode this...  Maybe its time to see what creative geniuses can think
of for this spacecraft to do...

de WB4APR, Bob
On Fri, 14 Nov 2003, Paul Williamson wrote:

> >Can you confirm that AO-16 digipeating is workable?
> I tested it this morning, all four uplinks are working and digipeating.
> I did have some trouble in the second half of the pass, probably due
> to Mexican or Central American taxicabs or the like. But I was only
> running 20 watts to a discone on the uplink.
> Uptime is 1370 days. As far as I know it's been digipeating the whole
> time. Judging by the beacon message, no control op has touched it in
> many months.
> 73  -Paul
> kb5mu@amsat.org

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