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Latest from TY

Dear All,
Thank you very much for the e-mails and the interest
shown so far.
Well yesterday Nov 13th I managed to come to Cotonou
and to set the antenna and all the stuff.
Unfortunately, there has been a very havy downfall
throughout all the night, which could not allow me to
be QRV. This morning the weather does not look so
bright, but I hope in the evening to improve. Further
more after the first tests I found that there was some
interference on the band possibly from Internet
wireless or so. I hope this is not going to put into
jeopardy all the DX pedition.
This evening which will be 14th of November I will be
next to the radio as long as possible. So the
previously announced schedule remains in force. I will
keep you informed for any development via amsat-bb.
Thank you and best 73s!
Vladi, TY/LZ3XV

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