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Re: LHCP with Horn?

At 04:44 AM 11/14/2003 +0000, Tom Smith wrote:

>Tony - how do you get LHCP with a horn?
>Tom KB6A
>DM13au, Anaheim, California, USA

Hi Tom,

There are quite a few ways to do it.
Here are a few off the top of my head:

A "low-tech" way is to use a circular
waveguide with two orthogonal probes
and feed them 90 degrees out of phase.
An advantage of this method is that you
can switch the polarization.

A simpler way is to use a dielectric
polarizer at a 45 degree angle in the
waveguide. The dielectric is
designed to provide 90 degrees of phase
delay to one linear polarization
component but not the other so it converts
linear to circular.

Yet another way is the septum polarization
transformer which like the dielectric polarizer,
converts linear to circular but uses only
"metal" parts no dielectric material is needed.

There are probably a few more but these are
a few I know have been used by hams.

Tony AA2TX

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