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Re: ICOM IC820 vs IC821?

Hi This is Yoshi.

At 2003/11/14 03:41:30 Doug Faunt N6TQS wrote:
> What's the difference between the IC820 and IC821, and am I correct in
> believing it's significant for satellite operations?

  I used IC-820 in AO-13 days and now using IC-821. If you can choice
them, I recommend to select IC-821.

(1) Output Power: IC-821 is full adjustable between MAX and 1/10. But
    IC-820 has only Hi/Lo Function.

(2) Satellite Mode: IC-821 uses MAIN for Receive, so can use Noise Blanker
    Function and Analog S meter. IC-820 uses SUB for receive so cannot
    use Noise Blanker and uses poor 5 LED bar display for S meter.

(3) Loop Tuning on Satellite Mode: IC-821 can adjust only TX/RX freq with
    one push button and VFO knob, so the doppler tuning is easy. But
    IC-821 needs to continue pushing a button during TX/RX freq adjustment
    with VFO knob. You might need both of your hand to do it.

  Just after I bought IC-820 in 1995 I found this inconvinience functions
and wrote a claim letter to ICOM x-p. They released IC-821 soon but my
budjet was not enough to replace it to new....

  73 de Yoshi.

Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR/T88IY
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