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RE: Goodbye UO-14

> All of the QSL cards that I submitted for Satellite VUCC were contacts
> with the FM Leo's using an Arrow antenna.  The bulk of those cards by
> far were from UO-14 QSOs.  What a great bird!! As others have already
> indicated, it will sorely be missed.  It joins the ranks of 
> other great
> birds missed such as SO-35 with it's strong signal and super audio.

For those who missed the SO-35 fun, I have numerous audio archives on my
page at http://vkradio.com/sat.html (which I intend to leave online as a
tribute to those birds), as well as commentary on various passes.  There is
also some UO-14 audio as well, though not as much, as UO-14 was much more
difficult for me to record.  I worked UO-14 from all sorts of situations.
Most commonly using the home brew antenna design that the page above links
to, but I have worked it from mobile in a remote area of South Australia,
more than 100 miles from Adelaide.  Another time, I operated UO-14 portable
using a pair of HTs with good whip antennas from the Gold Coast, a popular
tourist area in SE Queensland.  Talking to ZL while looking out over the
ocean does have its appeal... :-)  In fact, it was when I was on vacation
that I was most active on the bird, as I was more available during the pass
times.  How many times I've said to someone "Back in 15 mins, satellite pass
coming up..." :)

I hope Echo is as successful as its predecessors - I plan on working it.
SO-35 and UO-14 were both hard acts to follow.

AO-40?  Maybe one day, but the infrastructure costs are high (I don't have
much VHF/UHF SSB gear), and I have a lot of other priorities right now (such
as the upcoming R3 ARDF championships).

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