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Re: IC-910 / 3731

From: "Emily Clarke"
> Hi Russ,
> Good thing my sister lives in Perth otherwise I wouldn't have a clue about
> what a stubbie is :-)
> The 600mm pay dish with center feed probably means you will have to build
> your own feed. If you aren't familiar with them you might want to check
> the K5OE web pages http://members.aol.com/k5oe/
> Before you go through the trouble you might want to check with some other
> lads in your area to see if any are using the 600mm dish..  Depending on
> which part of VK2 you live in it may not be large enough.  Most of the
> VK2's I know are using a 1M dish or larger.  You could probably get by
> a 60cm dish like the G3RUH because it has excellent gain, but the offset
> feed dish below 30 degrees south latitude might be stuffed.


What sets the gain characteristics apart from a 600mm center fed pay tv dish
and G3RUH's 60cm center fed dish? Also, why are offset feed dishes not good
below 30 degrees south latitude? Is the converse true for 30 degrees north?

73, Drew KO4MA

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