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Re: Goodbye UO-14

I rarely post on this list but feel I must in this particular

All of the QSL cards that I submitted for Satellite VUCC were contacts
with the FM Leo's using an Arrow antenna.  The bulk of those cards by
far were from UO-14 QSOs.  What a great bird!! As others have already
indicated, it will sorely be missed.  It joins the ranks of other great
birds missed such as SO-35 with it's strong signal and super audio.

The FM birds are what got me interested in working sats and becoming an
AMSAT member some years ago.  Early emails with K5OE got me going on
the right track.  I very much liked the simplicity and ease of
operation requiring very little equipment (much of which I already
had).  Antennas such as the Arrow made portability extremely easy and I
operated many times from my vehicle tho not in motion.  I picked up
many new grids thanks to those individuals who traveled to rare ones
and activated them.  Of course, there were also Special Event stations,
demos, people just operating from their vacation locations, and some
even operating from trains.  Other times it was just a simple hello to
my friend John K6YK on the left coast or Leo W7JPI in AZ.  Did I
mention working stations in the Canadian Maritimes and the Caribbean? 
Kind of neat when you're doing it with just an Arrow.  The fast paced
exchange of information (due to the short duration of the passes) were
never a problem for me as with some.  I made many friends, kept skeds
for those who needed my grid or State and basically just had fun.  I am
extremely sorry to hear of it's passing.

-- I am not affiliated in any way with the Arrow Antenna folks.
   Just a satified customer.  :-)

73, Gary -K8KFJ-
West Virginia
AMSAT 32574

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