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Re: updated P3T

>Hi all and Stacey,
>Today I found that the P3T has been updated slightly to 2.07 at Stacey's
>site and I got it. But I don't know what's the difference than previous
>one. There's no updated readme file included.   What changed ?
>73, Kazu Sakamoto  JJ1WTK

The changes are minor.  There's no longer a requirement to set the clock 
offset from UTC.  This is now done automatically and adjusts for daylight 
savings time.   If you go to the Setup window, you'll no longer see clock 
offset. The help file was modified to drop the information about setting 
the clock offset.  A few other bits of code were cleaned up, but nothing 
the user will notice.


  Stacey E. Mills, W4SM    WWW:  http://www.keplerian.com
    Charlottesville, VA     PGP key: http://www.keplerian.com/key

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