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Re: TY/LZ3XV Schedule

Hello Vladi and all,

Re mail Wednesday, November 12, 2003, 4:57:16 PM, 

> The proposed schedule is as follows:

> Fr 14th of Nov QRV from 02.30 UTC for Europe and East
> Coast
>                    from 03.00 UTC West Coast 
> Fr 14th of Nov QRV from 21.40 UTC for Australia and
> Europe
>                    from 01.10 UTC for Europe and East
> Coast
>                    from 04.30 UTC West Coast

> Sat 15th of Nov QRV from 19.30 UTC Far East and
> Australia, Europe

> Sun 16th of Nov QRV from 21.30 UTC Far East and

> The GRID locator will be JJ16fi.

Based on the above schedule I have checked it against the chances for good
signals. Unfortunately the chances are not very good because of ALON/ALAT
at 36/0 is resulting in high squint angles for the MA values below approx.

In the following list you may see the respective MA value for the sched time
and the respective squint angles for the mentioned regions. For my
experience of the last days it will be hard to have good signals on squints
above approx. 25. In my opinion only the sched on 16 Nov will be OK but it
is not yet confirmed.

My investigation has proven that there is a good chance for East Coast and
West Coast also on 15 Nov from 04.50 UTC (MA 177) to 08.45 UTC (MA230).
However, these times are not included in Vladi's schedule.

14 Nov 01.10 UTC  MA 62  Europe 58
                         East Coast 51
       02.30 UTC  MA 80  Europe 53
                         East Coast 46
       03.00 UTC  MA 88  West Coast 43
       21.40 UTC  MA 81  Europe 47
                         Australia (only VK6)54
15 Nov 19.30 UTC  MA 118 Far East 43
                         Australia (VK2) 33
                         Europe 36
16 Nov 21.30 UTC  MA 210 Far East  1
                         Australia (VK2) 1

Reinhard, DJ1KM

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