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AO-40 help

Wanted to say thanks to the many responses I have had concerning receiving
AO-40.    Last night I was able to hear the beacon load and clean; plus
several QSO's.    Also was able to transmit up and find my self; although
not near where Unitrack 2000 said I would be.

The next problem is to figure out how to put "manual corrections" in the
Unitrack program so the frequencies are close.   Although last night I
didn't really see the need for computer tuning; the Doppler shift was not
that bad.  Or not near as much as it was when I was using WISP on the
PACSATs and computer tuning was just about a "must".

If anybody out their is using Unitrac for radio tuning, I would appreciate
hearing from you on what "changes" you had to make in the satellite config
file.   I know the down converter local osc can be off and that has to be
corrected for.  Just not sure how that interacts with the AO-40 "full
Doppler tuning chart" chart that shows an entry of 2836.990 (and I don't
know if that is the "correct conversion" to use right now.


Dick  K8ZTT

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