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RE: UO-14 QSOs worked and thank you

> I had my first QSO on UO-14 February 24th 2000. The last was
> August 8th 2003.

My first QSO on UO-14 was in February 2000 as well - see my web page at
http://vkradio.com/sat.html for the exact date.

My last QSO was around July 30 2003.  I was in the process of preparing to
move house (which I did the following weekend) at the time.  Unfortunately,
the combination of a the uplink HT not being operational (ironically, due to
mechanical failure of the battery pack), and not having been able to set the
shack back up meant that I wasn't able to work UO-14 again. :-(  The July
operations were conducted using the base station as the uplink, and a HT
with beam for the downlink.

> Total number of QSO's 726 over the years.
> DXCC countries worked approximately 55. Counted by hand :-)

I don't have stats on QSOs, probably in the order of 100 or more.  As for
countries, I can name them - VK, ZL and P29.  There was a 3D2 on, but never
on the passes I worked, so 3 countries in total, all call areas in VK except
9 and 0, and ZL 1, 2, 3 and 4...
> Mostly I used UO-14 to hunt grids in Europe and
> Asia with great success.

Operations were more casual here.  Grids are rarely used on sats, and QSOs
range from talking to yourself (no kidding, I have sometimes been the only
one on the bird!), through casual ragchews of 2-4 people to moderate
> Thank you to all who made this happen, Chris, Martin and all the
> others at Surrey Satellite.

My thanks to the crew who made it possible as well.
> Let us hope that ECHO will be there for us in a short time to take
> over from UO-14.

I look forward to Echo, I'm sure she'll be a fine bird too.

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