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RE: Re: UO-14 Alternate ?

> If the spacecraft is capable of it, setting it up the way 
> SO-35 (Sunsat) 
> was operated might be a good way to do it.  For those of you 
> who don't 
> know how SO-35 was operated, let me give you a summary.  Power 
> availability for the amateur transponder limited amateur operation to 
> "normally" one pass per day for each continent.  The South African 
> controllers would program the satellite to control when it 
> would turn on 
> and published the schedule several weeks in advance.  After a 
> while they 
> got amateurs on each continent to set up the schedules for them, and 
> then the South African control station would program the satellite 
> scheduler.  This worked out pretty well until the satellite 
> failed in orbit.
> BTW, I was the Sunsat North American scheduler, and would be happy to 
> take on that role again if SO-50 can be scheduled like SO-35 could.

This would be the ideal way to do it.  I used to be the VK/ZL scheduler for
SO-35, and the system worked quite well.  Had to generate a new set of
schedules every 2 weeks and submit them to the controllers in ZS for upload
to the bird.  I also used to publish them on my page with expected AOS/LOS
times for major cities and some islands in the region.

Having the scheduled windows made it possible for people to plan their
satellite operations.  I haven't yet had a crack at SO-50, because I have no
way of knowing if it will be active on a given pass.  Switching it to
scheduled operation would solve that issue.

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