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Re: Re: UO-14 Alternate ?

>     I think SO-50 would be a good alternative if the main control station
>     USA would release the procedure that everybody could open the sat
>     transponder, and not only the few control stations.

I believe that only Amateur Extra licensees may be control stations for

I agree that this bird should be available more often. It would sure be nice
if a schedule
could be devised and announced ahead of time, rather than the 'on-demand

UO-14 was a great satellite, I am sorry to see it go! It was the first
satellite I successfully worked. It was consistent, and helped to capture my
interest in satellites forever. It gave me the confidence and experience to
try RS12/13, FO-20, FO-29, AO-7, and then AO-40.

I'm not sure that SO-50 would have done the same thing for me. I was able to
demo UO-14 for several fellow hams, and it was nice to hear the bird come up
overhead right on schedule each pass. I would be hesitant to demo a
satellite that just MIGHT be on while overhead.

Just my .02

Kyle Yoksh

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