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Re: Re: UO-14 Alternate ?

John Mock wrote:

>    I think SO-50 would be a good alternative if the main control station in
>    USA would release the procedure that everybody could open the sat
>    transponder, and not only the few control stations.
>I think that is something for Saudi control station to do (in'sh'Allah).
>Rather than releasing that information, for North American i'd rather see
>a two stations operating on some kind of automated basis, preferably in 
>northeastern Canada, and in far northwestern Canada or Alaska.  These two
>stations could either activate SO-50 on a specific schedule and/or at times
>requested via the network (e-mail and/or via WWW, depend on that station's 
>network connectivity). Then the Saudi control station could also tell these
>two stations when not to activate it, even if their owners aren't available
>to read e-mail or whatever.  That at least might cover the passes starting 
>from the Arctic region.  Maybe two more automated stations, in Florida and
>San Diego (or western Mexico), for passes going the other direction. 
If the spacecraft is capable of it, setting it up the way SO-35 (Sunsat) 
was operated might be a good way to do it.  For those of you who don't 
know how SO-35 was operated, let me give you a summary.  Power 
availability for the amateur transponder limited amateur operation to 
"normally" one pass per day for each continent.  The South African 
controllers would program the satellite to control when it would turn on 
and published the schedule several weeks in advance.  After a while they 
got amateurs on each continent to set up the schedules for them, and 
then the South African control station would program the satellite 
scheduler.  This worked out pretty well until the satellite failed in orbit.
BTW, I was the Sunsat North American scheduler, and would be happy to 
take on that role again if SO-50 can be scheduled like SO-35 could.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
Ofc:  626-302-8515
AMSAT Member 32537 - WSWSS Member 395

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