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Re: Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2003 22:57:50 -0700

Hi Dick

I run the same configuration as you but with a FT847 rig, got the sat at 1st
attempt after fix up the dish & downconverter.

1.- Check if the keplerians are ok and the pc setup is the right one
(correct date & time), you can see it on left top of the program window. (I
felt on this once when i changed pc's  )

2.- I have the UEK3000 with 144mhz IF directly connected to the feed using a
male-male N conector + a right angle male-female N connector.

3.- Check if you are injecting the needed voltage into the coax (I used the
VHF connector on the UEK instead to use the rig internal preamp) , also as
if it delivers enough current for the properly function. I believe in the
910 you must enable some parameter in the menu to deliver the current thru
the coax.

4.- The dish have an opening of about 6 degrees per side in elevation and 10
degrees per side in azimuth , so you should be misspointing a lot to miss
the beacon.  Be sure that you are not pointing thru a big tree. Try an orbit
with low squint angle , this will help a lot. ( I could hear the beacon with
30 degrees of squint )

5.- On the Unitrack almost a 99% of the times the beacon is less than 2 khz
away of the showed freq in 145.3xx mhz.

A nice test is powering on & off the downconverter to know if it is working,
floor noise must change a couple db.

Probably you have passed thru all this things but always a good excercise to
check up the main points.

I have pictures available of the dish & downconverter setup if you wish to

73's & hope to hear you soon on sat

Paul  YV1DIG  yv1dig@amsat.org
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