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Re: CUTE-I CW decode programs

Bob, Don Woodward, Robert McGwier and the group. Seems we should simply download
these two suggested programs and let students determine which is the better!  CW
to me is as familiar as talking so I'm a poor judge.  Here are the two:

An old fashion CW op should be present to be sure of accuracy of course.  I've
used MixW2 as a decoder but it seem very poor in this application!
Cliff K7RR

Bob Bruninga wrote:
> What is a good CW software program for copying CW?  I want to get some
> students involved in decoding CUTE, but no way will they learn the code in
> time...  I want them to record WAV files and then decode them later..
> I wont have time to help them, they will be on their own...
> Bob
CUTE-1 telemetry for 9 Nov   Central California   K7RR

AOS 1524 UTC
---- -- -- 75 80 e0 ffff 0730 99 9b 6e 8f
cute 66 a4 74 80 e4 ffff 0730 9b 9a 6f 70
cute 50 a5 70 7f e5 ffff 0730 99 9b 6f 8f
cute 66 a5 74 7f d6 ffff 0730 9b 96 70 90
cute 66 a5 74 7f d6 ffff 0730 9b 96 70 90
cute 61 a5 74 7f e2 ffff 0730 99 99 6f 8f
(twenty lines not included here)
LOS 1537 UTC
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