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Re: Homebrew 70cm uplink?

Dave Metz WA0AUQ was kind enough to explain privately how to go from 
a low level output such as from an SBL-2 to drive a 10-20W PA modules, 
as well as some good suggestions of how to do the filtering.  That was
greatly appreciated!! Thus, i could either use a T2 kit or make an up-
converter from the 6m QRP rig.  So i'll still need a reasonably stable
70cm VFO (or VXO plus multiplier chain) to the T2, or stable LO (maybe
switchable for different passbands) for a 6m up-converter.

One person suggested getting an 10m transceiver, recently closed-out
at Radio Shack, off of eBay.  I have very limited space, so i don't 
want things i can't use otherwise (one of the original constraints).  
It also involves buying used gear and doesn't make for a reproducible
project, since who knows how available these units will be in a year
or two.  Furthermore, HF gear isn't much use for those who are only
able to operate portable, such as apartment dwellers and those stuck
with nasty CC&Rs.  The transvert-from-HF approach is just about all
i've heard about when asking elsewhere about this, and want to see a 
better approach.

Again, i want to help 'no-coders' get started on satellites who don't
have alot of money (nor reason to acquire HF gear).

			      -- KD6PAG
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