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Telemetry at 0.6 blocks/km :-)

Hi all !

What a day. On the road since about 0600 AM to have
another go at receiving AO-40 FEC corrected telemetry
whilst mobile. This time I had a better hit at the
FEC session receiving 29 good FEC data blocks with
14 bad blocks (bridges, tree canopy, buildings and
other obstuctions correlated directly with this) and
38 bad regular blocks only with none error-free...

Most of the session I drove on the local motorway
north from Helsinki, but received a few packets
already in the urban locality where I reside.
Receiving error free FEC telemetry mobile this
morning was partly hindered by shadowing of the actual
antenna. Also occasional W-LAN, Bluetooth, microwave
oven interference broke in, but only for that particular
block. Last attempt (foiled by lack of FEC packets)
I also suffered from occasional maritime S band radar.

I have not heard of anybody else trying this before,
so maybe this is another first for AO-40 if not any
other satellite too ?

Some snapshots:

Mobile setup on the front seat of my van:

The modified Yaesu FRG-9600 receiver used:

A photo of my modified Drake 2880 converter and homebrew RHCP QBFH:

Screenshot after about 50 minutes of driving around:

The received telemetry blocks:

This was a really cool (literally !) morning up here in
frigid Finland. Positively _great_ fun.

73's Michael, OH2AUE

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