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WTB 70cm all mode / FT-726R duplex module question

I'm currently working to aquire a SSB 70cm rig for my 
AO-40 uplink.  I'm looking for an inexpensive (ie:oldie 
but goodie) 70cm SSB rig <$250 or a similar class 
(FT-7*6,etc) dual band 2m/70cm rig <$450. Offers, advice 
or places to look all appreciated.

Secondly I've found a fellow with a FT-726 with the 
2m/70cm modules but he doesn't know whether or not it has 
the duplex (satellite) module.  Is there an easy way to 
determine this?

Thanks once again for your time,
David Carr

(getting smarter, slowly) 
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